Sylvain Gelewski – “Tempus Fugit” – at Kungen 20/10 2023

The Performance“Tempus Fugit” is inspired by the imagery of the court jester, the mask and the party, social role-playing or seduction, sarcasm or masquerade. Tempus Fugit or the frantic race forward.  An attempt to grasp the meaning of two colours through stories. – The gold of light, the world and value and the blue of dreams, the royal family and work.

I work all night; I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay.
Ain’t it sad?
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me.
That’s too bad.
In my dreams I have a plan.
If I got me a wealthy man.
I wouldn’t have to work at all.
I’d fool around and have a ball.

Perhaps what all the songs about colour have in common is love? If love is a question of taste and colours, we are entitled to wonder whether it is bitter or made of sweetness. In the first case, I love you but I’m leaving you. In the second, you love me and I love you back. Tempus Fugit, or the outline of an answer to the crucial question: which of us ate the last sweet?


The performance is created by Sylvain Gelewski, currently artist in residence at Kungen through the Optic Residency Program. Sylvain has lived in Sandviken for two months and during his stay he´s had a studio at Backbeatbolaget, Kungen, Sandviken, Sweden. Sylwain Gelewski is an artist and curator based in Geneva, Switzerland. He’s educated at HEAD and has studied painting and writing. He co-founded the trans-disciplinary art collective “Doppelganger” born from the intersections between performance, music, painting, dance and installation. His artistic practise stretches from patching up paintings to writing lists and collecting banal or useless objects. To hastily made drawings of maps and people or to create slightly odd installations and performances. Some of he’s performances take the shape of site-specific installations often in relation to music and with a obsession of understanding colour, inventories, the news, social media, and the value of work. The performances become a play between norms and their most superfluous details.

 During his stay in Sandviken, Sylvain has been working on the performance “Tempus Fugit” which will be performed at Backbeatbolaget, Kungen in the end of his stay. For the installation he has been collecting furniture from new friends as well as second hand stores. He has visited our local museums, from Länsmuseets collections in Gävle to Bruksmuseet Smedsgården and Valhalla in Sandviken to be inspired.  Finally, he spent some isolated days in a cabin in Ulvtorp, Jädraås to finalise the dialogue to the performance.

The dancers Ida Long and Anna Berglund will activate the installation. Mask are created by Valter Johansson and the performance will be documented by Samael Törnberg. Many thanks to Daniel Nordin who has been working with the Optic team to assist Sylvain in his work.

Date: 20 October

Time: 18.00  

Where: Kungen, Fredriksgatan 35, Sandviken