Mackapär of imaginary Spaces – by [krig] – Topic, Geneva, 2019

[krig] presents a four day performance program at Espace Topic. The opening ceremony will be made as a performance/concert, a social moment/ritual which created an extended textile structure in the space. All songs and material has been produced and collected in Geneva.

  • 5/9 kl. 19.30 – Opening with performance by [krig] Performance at 20.00
  • 6/9 kl. 19.30 – Presentation of [krig] and Gallery Lars Palm in the Topic space.
  • 7/9 kl 19.30– “A Meta City Tour of Sandviken” – Join [krig] on a performance/presentation of a small industrial town in the northern part of Sweden by a walk in Geneva. The walk will take approx. 1 hour
  • 8/9 kl.16.20 – Workshop: Collective weaving – Join [krig] in an collective experiment in textile construction! Together we’ll continue building upon their sculpture, using our bodies as textile tools. The workshop will take approx. 2 hours. We’ll finish with a joint dinner.
  • 13/9 kl. 19.00 Mackapär for Imaginary Spaces – Performance at Le Labo