With OPTIC residency we want to create opportunities for artists in both Sweden and Switzerland to experience and contribute to an exchange between our places.

OPTIC Artist residency is a self-organized and artist run residency project initiated by

  • Konstfrämjandet Gävleborg 
  • The Gaffel Association in Gävle
  • Backbeatbolaget in Sandviken
  • Konst och Landskap in Ockelbo 
  • PICTO in Geneva 

With the support of :

  • Folkrörelsernas Konstfrämjande
  • Region Gävleborg

The residency offers the possibility for :

  • a Swedish artist to come and develop a work in Geneva – MORE INFO
  • a Swiss artist to come and develop a work in Sandviken – MORE INFO

Konstfrämjandet Gävleborg

Konstfrämjandet Gävleborg is a nonprofit association, promoting contemporary art in the region Gävleborg, Sweden. Gävleborg is situated in the northern part in Sweden, with a typical northern landscape consisting of few cities, rural settings, iron industry, and forests. Our members consist of local NGO’s throughout the region. Our aim is to create interest in art through pedagogical workshops and meetings between citizens and artists. But also, to create opportunities for artists to work with in the region and support a network for contemporary art projects through our members. Konstfrämjandet has a long history of art promotion operating in a context of nonprofit. 



The Picto association is an artist run space located in the Servette district of Geneva. 

Picto hosts around 80 members. A mix that brings together associations, artists and craftmen active in plastic art, design, cinema, dance, theater and music. 

It is not only a space for research and production, but also a place for culture transmission.In addition to the various activities carried out by its members, several projects aimed at the neighborhood and to the Geneva’s cultural scene.

The Gaffel Association in Gävle

The Gaffel Association was founded in 2000 to offer professional artists in and around Gävle  the possibility to work in a collective workshop equipped with machines and materials that can not be accommodated in the individual studio. Today there are workshops for working with wood, welding, screen-print and ceramics and a project studio suited for monumental/large scale works and 11 individual studios where 15 professional artists work. Gaffel also organizes art events, courses and workshops for its members in various techniques.

The Gaffel Association is located in the old industrial building Vävaren in Strömsbro, Gävle. Vävaren was built in 1846-52 as a textile factory at Testeboån’s lowest stream. 

Backbeatbolaget in Sandviken

Backbeatbolaget is a cultural association situated in the industrial town Sandviken, Gävleborg, Sweden. Their house –  KUNGEN, is a space of cultural cohabitation of art, music, theatre and subculture, and Galleri Lars Palm is our gallery space. The space is artist-run and devoted to contemporary art, craft and graffiti. We want to create meaningful meetings between artists, as well as their audiences through experimental -and participatory organization-methods that generates exhibitions, projects, artist talks, workshops and festivals.

Konst och Landskap in Ockelbo 

The Konst och Landskap – Association was formed 2009 by local artists, teachers and students in horticulture. The association has over the years carried out a large number of projects with invited artists and pedagogical activities aimed at all ages. Ockelbo with just over 6,000 inhabitants is one of the country’s smallest municipalities In Ockelbo, however, there are also a proven tradition of small-scale entrepreneurship. In addition to cultural school and library culture is carried by non-profit initiatives. Wij Trädgårdar was started in 2000. The place, Wij Herrgård, has been the headquarters for Kopparfors AB. The gardens on Wij are together with the nearby industrial monument Wij Valsverk recurring places for festivals, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events organized by Konst och Landskap.

The Organizers


Artists and organizers at Konstfrämjandet Gävleborg and Backbeatbolaget. [krig] is the shared identity of the duo Jon Perman and Karin Bäckström. 

[krig] sets out to make a new world through music and art. It is built through merging artistic processes, performance, textile craft and electronic sounds into interactive spatial installations and acts of collective imagination.

Abigail Janjic

Abigail Janjic is a swiss based artist working in Geneva. She is a Picto member since 2015 and active in the association. Her studies have led her from Geneva to Stockholm—officially in textile design—and then to Lausanne (écal). She is a multidisciplinary artist, tracking and playing with images for over ten years. 

Natalia Comandari

Born in El Salvador/ France  based in Geneva Natalia Comandari is an visual artist, jewelry designer and a DJ wich under her project Anita Kirppis she navigates between those disciplines.